Steps to Success

Success only comes to those who know how to achieve it.  Many are taught that the sky is the limit.  Much of what we know comes to us from our environment, how we were raised, what our parents taught us and what we learned over time.  It is sometimes so deeply ingrained that we never realize we know it.  Not everyone grew up with the same opportunities to learn and some were never taught those much needed skills in order to thrive in the fast paced world.  Some may not even know what it takes to achieve success. 

Imagine growing up in a family where your parent(s) main concern was to support their own habit by selling drugs.  As a child you were a second priority, you knew there was love and that they cared for you but they just didn’t know how to provide for you.  As you grow up you didn’t have the chance that others did to learn the skills needed to find and maintain long term employment or support your own family.  You’re used to a life of chaos that follows you into adulthood further hindering your ability to succeed.  There is an inner conflict and as life seems to finally settle a bit something always seems to stir it back up again.

For others life is different they grew up in a life of poverty knowing only what they had accessible to them during that moment.  Your highest level of education is elementary school, maybe junior high; you may have even grown up in a war torn country and moved from refugee camp to refugee camp watching the world around you crumble.  You receive word that you have the chance to come to America, the land of opportunity where anything is possible.  Once here you’re on foreign ground and your world is turned upside down and everything is so strange.  The only success you know is achieving the means to live day by day and never knowing it is possible to do more, like owning a house or earning more than minimum wage. 

In each of these scenarios people were not given the tools needed to achieve a prosperous life.  They only know the environment they are used to, some may not even know it is possible to hope for more.  These are the reasons why Stepping Stones was created.  We want everyone to know that dreams are possible, there is nothing standing between an individual and prosperous future.  That future is built upon a foundation of skills, the question is what skills can you teach to those in need?  Sometimes all it takes is one person to show you how to open those doors, that you can step through and find that dreams are possible.   

Be Part of Neighborhood Networks

Be Part of Neighborhood Networks
Do something Good...for Residents, for Community...for You

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Resident Initiatives Focus

The Challenge

Many of our residents may be capable of gaining employment (and many are already working), but they commonly have difficulty securing steady employment or advancing in work, despite other government and state employment assistance that might be available.Some residents face substantial personal and situational barriers to employment, including low education and skill levels, health problems, personal or family problems, as well as, limited knowledge about or skill in finding jobs and/or advancing in their current opportunities.

Neighborhood Networks is part of the Solution
We believe that given access to technology, proper assistance and incentives in our project based housing communities, many more assisted residents could enter work, sustain work, and achieve advancement in the work they currently do now. A sense of a community may also be obtained by connecting the social and economic institutions to residents, allowing them the chance to be productive members of the community.

Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. believes that only with the strong foundation of safe affordable housing and comprehensive strategies that address the multiple barriers many residents face will we truly and effectively assist our Residents in navigating their way to better opportunities.

Our computer-learning center is a very powerful step in creating this foundation.

Our Plan

Our Neighborhood Networks Centers will offer the following training and programs to our residents and community:

Job-skills training/employment
Job-readiness training
Job-retention services
Job posting, search or placement services
Introduction to/familiarization with computers
Structured Internet access and access to local services
Economic development (microenterprises, small business development)
Telecommuting and remote job access training
Children's education programs (0-12 years)
Youth education programs (13-17 years)
Adult basic education/literacy
English as a Second Language (ESL) programs
GED/high school equivalency certificate programs
Adult continuing education programs
Family education programs
Children's activities (0-12 years)
Youth activities (13-17 years)
Adult activities (18-64)
Senior services (65+)
Personal financial management counseling